Furniture purchase

In addition to the renting of furniture, KeyPro also offers the possibility of purchasing furniture. You can choose between purchase or hirepurchase (purchasing in monthly payments). In our clear webshop you can easily choose the option your prefer. We will make sure that the chosen furniture is delivered and assembled at a time of your choice.

Rather purchase furniture? Also a possibility!

Would you like to quickly decorate a complete home, from bathroom to bedroom but prefer purchasing to leasing? That’s is also a possibility here at Keypro. We own a wide range of high-quality furniture.

We also offer further decoration of your home. In our webshop you can find furniture for all living purposes. We offer bed and linen sets, towels, televisions as well as laundry machines we have it all here at KeyPro. If you choose Keypro, you choose quality and reliability. All purchased goods come with a standard 1-year factory warranty.

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Purchase refurbished furniture

In addition to new furniture we also offer a broad stock of refurbished furniture for purchase. Affordable and high quality. All refurbished furniture has only been used shortly and is not distinguishable from new furniture. No matter if you are looking for big furniture (dining table or closet) or smaller furniture (chair or lamp), we would like to look for you.

Our stock with refurbished furniture, which we offer for purchase, is constantly changing. Are you looking for a particular piece of furniture in advance or would like to know more about purchasing refurbished furniture?

Our employees would like to help you and think along with you!

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