Offshore wind energy

For several years, Keypro has been working alongside organisations which build offshore windmills. We love to grant the employees working on these sustainable wind turbines lovely, warm homes.
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Sustainable wind energy is the future

By using less fossilized fuels, our CO2 emission will be reduced significantly. To preserve our environment, we should replace said fuels and replace them with sustainable and clean sources of energy. The Netherlands should be able to generate at least 14% clean energy. There are multiple ways of generating clean and sustainable energy.

One of those methods is creating energy with windmills. Wind energy is the cleanest and most accessible way of diminishing our CO2 emissions. This can be facilitated by either windmills on land or at sea. Our government strives to be generating a lot more sustainable energy by the year 2023. A large fraction of this sustainable energy will be originating from windmills at sea. Our goal is to supply about one in five homes with sea-based windmill energy. Measures are currently being taken so that building windparks can kick off in 2019.

Housing off-shore employees

In order to build windmills at sea, specialised personnel is required. Finding a suitable temporary home for these employees can give you a lot of difficulties. The demand exceeds the supply in the housing market. Lots of international businesses and multinationals struggle finding appropriate housing for their employees. If you look beyond the standard available homes, the housing market becomes quite the prospect. Rent furniture and make every home suitable for housing your employees!

When you choose Keypro, you are ensured of quality and attention. Renting furniture is our specialty, and through our expertise we are very adept at furnishing in a complete and stylish way. We guarantee professional support and assistance when furnishing your home. We also take into account your personal wishes, as well as your budget.