Data Centers

Data centers for storing massive amounts of data
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Keypro actively contributes to the temporary housing of employees that work on building these data centres. Said enormous data centres are used as a central storage for large data. With our current use of said large data, these centres are of utmost importance.

Data is the future

Datacentres make up the core of our economy. Most of these autonomous data-processing systems are housed in data centres. Governments and large businesses rely greatly on these external storage locations. In recent years data, and required storage of it, has increased rampantly worldwide.

Experts predict that in the year 2020, approximately 44 zettabytes of data will exist in the world. This is 10 times as much as in the year 2013! If one would want to print 1 zettabyte on paper, one would need 3 times as much trees as there are currently on earth. To process these enormous amounts of data, more large-scale data centers are required worldwide for storage needs. This is currently being worked on.

Housing your employees

Finding a suitable temporary home for your employees can give you a lot of difficulties. The demand exceeds the supply in the housing market. Lots of international businesses and multinationals struggle finding appropriate housing for their employees. If you look beyond the standard available homes, the housing market becomes quite the prospect. Rent furniture and make every home suitable for housing your employees!

When you choose Keypro, you are ensured of quality and attention. Renting furniture is our specialty, and through our expertise we are very adept at furnishing in a complete and stylish way. We guarantee professional support and assistance when furnishing your home. We also take into account your personal wishes, as well as your budget.