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Sofa Rodeo chaise longue cognac

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Product information

This 3-seater is spacious, offers a lot of sitting room and is made out of the great fabric named recycle leather. Thanks to her sleek frame and pillows, the sofa has a quite subtle appearance. The legs are made out of a black metal. The sitting height is 45 cm, the sitting depth is 60 cm and the height of the arm support is 68 cm.

What is recycle leather? 
When factories cut patterns out of skins of leather, a lot of leftover leather usually remains. These remains are ground up and then used to create a new fabric: recycle leather. Recycle leather consists of 70% real leather as well as 30% polyester. The new fabric is created out of two materials. The underlying layer is made of real leather, which creates a natural and unique look. The leather is protected by a covering polyester layer which removes any unevenness. This process enables it to become a solid combination fabric.

The recycle leather cannot be cared for with usual leather wax. Recycle leather maintenance should be carried out as follows: the fabric should be cleaned with a moist towel. Stains should be removed with a neutral soap solution. After removing the stain, one should wipe the fabric with the moist towel. 


Dimensions: 85x300x86 (HxWxD) 
Material: 70% leather/ 30% pes 
Colour: Cognac/ Brown


Hire: During the entire hiring period specified in the contract, one is fully entitled to complete factory warranty.
Buy: The buyer is entitled to a complete 1-year factory warranty.
Hire purchase: One is entitled to a complete factory warranty during the entire period specified in the contract.

These conditions only apply if the product is used normally.

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