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Product information

This metal locker cabinet (hxwxd) 190x90x50 cm, comes from the collection of the Dutch brand VTwonen. The cabinet is made of cold rolled steel with a black finish. The interior of the cabinet consists of a rod and four shelves. The height of the shelves on the right side of the cabinet is up to you. At the bottom of the cabinet there are two drawers for loose items.
The locker cabinet is supplied as a kit with a clear assembly instruction.
The legs have a height of 8 cm, the distance from the shelf to the rod is 127 cm. The total weight of the cabinet is 52 kg.
This metal locker cabinet is also available in the colour silver-grey.


Dimensions 190x90x50cm (HxWxD)
Color: Black
Material: Metal


Hire: During the entire hiring period specified in the contract, one is fully entitled to complete factory warranty.
Buy: The buyer is entitled to a complete 1-year factory warranty.
Hire purchase: One is entitled to a complete factory warranty during the entire period specified in the contract.

These conditions only apply if the product is used normally.

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