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Dining chair Bronx71 (brown)

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Chair Barrel is the perfect dining chair, made of high quality Eco-leather. The Eco-leather is a combination of leather, polyester and recycled leather. When factories cut patterns out of skins of leather, a lot of leftover leather usually remains. These remains are ground up and then used to create a new fabric: recycle leather. Recycle leather consists of 70% real leather as well as 30% polyester. 

This type of material has some advantages; it is easy to clean and a highly moisture-proof material type therefore it leaves no stains. The Barrel chair has a black powde coat and a steel frame. 


Dimensions: 46,5x55x81,5 (BxDxH)
Seat depth: 55 cm
Material: Eco-leather/steel
Colour: Brown


Hire: During the entire hiring period specified in the contract, one is fully entitled to complete factory warranty.
Buy: The buyer is entitled to a complete 1-year factory warranty.
Hire purchase: One is entitled to a complete factory warranty during the entire period specified in the contract.

These conditions only apply if the product is used normally.

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