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  • Bureaustoel-huren-office_chair-rental-keypro_furnishing-rental

Office chair Ultra

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Product information

Sophisticated line and a comfortable profiled seat- the ergonomic Ultra chair is designed with the comfort of the user in mind. The most characteristic feature of the product is a cushion fixed to the backrest, which improves posture and draws our attention. Elegant, yet functional, the Ultra chair will work as a conference or an office chair; in a variant with a wooden leg - it will become a perfect element of home decor. 


Dimensions: 85x50x50 HxWxD
Material: Wool, Polyamide
Colour: Black


Hire: During the entire hiring period specified in the contract, one is fully entitled to complete factory warranty.
Buy: The buyer is entitled to a complete 1-year factory warranty.
Hire purchase: One is entitled to a complete factory warranty during the entire period specified in the contract.

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