KeyPro and the City Lab created a container hotel on the Suikerunieterrein

05 June 2018
At the former Suikerunieterrein in Groningen, where the sugar beets were processed into granulated sugar, a cool hotel with 22 rooms will emerge within a few months. The hotel guests will receive a special and challenging stay, in a real sea container.
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Staying at a peak in the High North

As it looks now, this unique hotel will open its doors for the upcoming summer holidays. Anyone who has planned a (long) visit to Groningen is welcome, from expats to students.

The hotel is suitable for international employees of the multinationals, RUG or UMCG, but also students who can’t find a room in or around the city. The container hotel also offers the possibility to rent a room for a longer period. These rooms are fully equipped. In addition, the hotel is also ideal for visitors of festivals and events at the Suikerunieterrein, such as Kadepop. And of course, also for anyone who wants to stay overnight in a surprising location in Groningen.

In addition to rooms, you can also rent workplaces (up to 350 square meters) at the hotel and Stadslab that are fully equipped. Ideal for starters and freelancers.

The Suikerunieterrein is 'upcoming'

The new hotel will be situated between the bicycle bridge over the Hoendiep and the Suikerunie. An ideal location, because at us (KeyPro and Stadslab Groningen) hotel guests can go for a bite and a drink.

We are still looking for a suitable name for the hotel. Do you have a good idea? Mail your hotel name to before 1 July 2018! If your name is chosen, we will reward you with a free night!