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Are you looking to rent out a fully furnished home? We offer professional home staging to ensure you get the best out of it.

Furniture rental for the perfect home staging

When selling a house, you want to make sure that it makes a great first impression. At KeyPro you can temporarily rent high-quality furniture and create an attractive model home in no time. We ensure you that you can get the maximum out of a house that is for sale or for rent, with temporary furniture. Success guaranteed!

Nowadays, (potential) buyers and tenants place high demands on homes. If the house doesn’t look tip-top, they often won’t even bother to visit said home. That’s too bad, because sometimes these homes have lots of potential. For many onlookers, however, it is difficult to visualize the complete picture by looking at a vacant home. It’s much better to show them what it looks like when it is completely set up.


Sales styling, the optimal presentation of your home

With rental or sales styling of KeyPro you are assured of an optimal presentation of a property, with which you can appeal to a wide audience. With the right furniture and home accessories, you make your home even more attractive for potential buyers or tenants. Moreover, by using this method they can they can form a better picture of what the house will look like when their own furniture is in it. The furnished house differs from other houses on the market, so you quickly increase your rental or sales opportunities.

Rent a complete furniture package or rent furniture separately

At KeyPro you can rent any furniture separately, but you can also opt for a complete furniture package. This allows you to furnish a complete, unoccupied home at lightning speed. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can advise you as best as possible on how to achieve the highest possible result with the smallest investment possible.

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Rent furniture

Another advantage of renting furniture is the flexibility that comes with it. You can change furniture when your employees have other needs or expand the furniture package. For example, when family expansion occurs.

When you choose KeyPro, you ensure quality and attention. Rental of furniture is our specialty and we know how to furnish, style and complete homes to make them comfortable and useable. We guarantee professional support and help with the furnishing of your home.

The advantages of renting furniture for a home are:

  • Furnishing your home quickly
  • High quality furniture        
  • Flexibility


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  • logo-huisvangroningen-review-keypro_furnishing[data-lity-desc]

    -Verkoopstyling- Ik ben erg tevreden over jullie werk. Ik had voordat jullie geweest waren bijna geen reactie op de woning. Maar nadat jullie de woning ingericht hadden en er nieuwe foto’s zijn gemaakt is de woning binnen een week verkocht.

    Huis van Groningen - Migiel van Dorsten

  • [data-lity-desc]

    Steekwoorden voor onze samenwerking met KeyPro zijn: doeltreffend, correct, praktisch, effectief, flexibel een One stop shop.

    Van Oord Marine Ingenuity - Bas van Lunenburg

  • Bam Logo Review KeyPro[data-lity-desc]

    BAM werkt graag met Keypro voor de huisvesting van onze buitenlandse collega's, KeyPro levert een kompleet pakket aan huisvestingsmogelijkheden waar wij als BAM geen omkijken naar hebben. Service en klantvriendelijkheid staat op een hoog niveau en dat waarderen wij ten zeerste.

    BAM- Johan Wegman

  • [data-lity-desc]

    Short lines and fast service, that's why we work with KeyPro.

    Tom Fransen - & partner makelaars

  • [data-lity-desc]

    As real estate manager we want to offer quality to our clients. Instead of arranging things like furniture ourselves, we like to outsource that to KeyPro. That way we can focus on our core activities and we are assured that our clients get quality furniture residences.

    Marcel van der Lyke - Groningse Panden

  • [data-lity-desc]

    We know KeyPro as a professional company that provides good, fast and affordable services, contributes ideas and offers tailor-made solutions. We are very satisfied with Keypro.

    R. Werkman, Woningcorporatie Lefier

  • [data-lity-desc]

    They do not only have stylish and complete furniture packages, they also provide an excelent service in a very short term! We’ll never want anything else!

    P. Grommel, Interior Service Group Netherlands BV