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We like to introduce ourselves to you! Would you like to rent furniture to temporarily style a residence? KeyPro is the specialist and makes every residence turnkey in a blink. But we go further. We inspire and facilitate, so that people can excell in a nice home! Because what is nicer than having a relaxed feeling of coming home.



In 2011 KeyPro was founded with unburdening people as it's goal. In the city of Groningen temporary renting quickly attracted popularity and with that interior was a part as well. We jumped into that to provide expats and developers with temporary furniture. Since then temporary renting only gained more interesting, because people want to swap interior more often and are more aware of the consequences that swapping brings. We like to unburden on a basis of personal contact. Send us the floor plan of your residence or project and tell us what your wishes and budget. Then we will draft a custom quote for you. Do you agree with our quote? Then we will make sure your residence is turnkey.


Sustainable business

We believe in a circular economy where people pay for the experience and usage instead of owning goods. By (re)using sustainable (refurbished) products we contribute to the ecological and social goals. KeyPro is the most progressive company in the field of offering furniture as a service. We will make sure that circular furniture for everybody is affordable and accessible.



In 2018 KeyPro moved to the Stadslab on the Suikerunie terrain. Here we have our own warehouse where we can store our supply and process orders. The Stadslab turned out to be a great asset. We notice that, because of the space and our new warehouse layout, we can work even more efficient. In the Stadslab you will also find our new showroom, we try to adjust this to reflect our current stock. This is exactly the professionalization that was needed to grow further. We are incredibly proud that we we're able to do this. The Stadslab fizzes with energy and there regularly are events. Interested? Check for more info.


We have opened our second location since August. We are proud of our location in Amsterdam! Make an appointment to come and admire our showroom.

Showroom Amsterdam


KeyPro offers complete solutions where we unburden you of your work. Your living happiness or that of your client is our burden! In addition to renting furniture you can also contact us for:
•    Professional styling
•    Home furnishing
•    Cleaning of your residence
•    Taking care of internet/power

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