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Would you like to rent furniture and furnish a temporary home? Keypro is the ultimate specialist which makes every home turnkey in a blink of an eye. But we do more than just that. We inspire and facilitate people to excel in a lovely home. Because nothing really beats coming home feeling completely relaxed.

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To a sustainable future

We believe in a circular economy where people pay for the experience and use of goods, instead of solely for the sake of owning goods. By (re)using sustainable (renovated) products, we contribute to ecological and social goals. Keypro is the most progressive business in terms of offering furniture as a service. We will make sure that circular furniture will be affordable and available for everybody.

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KeyPro offers solutions with which we take work out of your hands in order to ease your burdens. Your living comfort is our priority!

Along with renting out furniture, we also offer:
•    Professional sales styling
•    Upholstery services
•    Cleaning service
•    Installing utilities internet, power etc

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